This Is Why You Should Move to California

Part Deux of my iMovie escapades! I practiced some Ken Burns action, slow-mo, and precision editing. 

This oughta convince my sister to move, right? Ummm…. 

(Hey, as Guy Kawasaki says [on finishing stuff]: “Don’t worry, be crappy!”)

1st video for the blog! Very raw… edited (and stabilized best I could) with iMovie.

This is why you should move to California

Dedicated to anyone who wants to view this blog. I’m making this for my dear sister Susy, who is a horse-riding, farm-girl-at-her-core, Plant Whisperer.

She lives in MA, has a job she’s great at and enjoys, but I selfishly believe she’d love it out here so very much more! (And would live near me, of course. :)) 

So here’s my amateur attempt at photography, videography and editing… starring this beautiful state that I newly call home.